“what is the performance of the heat pump in lower ambient temperature?”

It is known that the heat pump operates in certain temperature limits. Most of the heat gained by the heat pump is from ambient air and the compressor boosts this heat to a higher temperature which is utilized for commercial and industrial applications. The performance of the heat pump degrades when the ambient temperature drops low which makes less heat available for the heat pump to boost. As the temperature goes down, the heat pump uses more energy to produce less heat because heat pumps use electricity, this can be expensive!

Let’s dig deeper to understand this better. Just think of the heat pump as a hydraulic lift that pumps/move heat from a source (lowered) to a sink (elevated). If the difference between this is low, the heat pump requires less work to deliver the required energy output and temperature. If the difference is high, the heat pumps need to add more work to deliver the required temperature output.

Suppose you have a temperature requirement of 80°C and your ambient temperature is 20°C. Let’s consider one of our standard model of heat pump Thermagen2X 8028A. At this temperature condition, the heat pump delivers 28.15 kW of thermal output. What happens if the ambient temperature drops below 20°C? Check the table below to see the heat pump performance for lower temperatures:

heat pump

The heat pump capacity decreases as the ambient temperature decreases. Even at the temperature as low as 5°C, the heat pump still delivers heat energy 1.67 times greater than its input energy. While selecting the heat pump colder areas, one should consider the factor of ambient temperature vs heating capacity and cost-effectiveness compared to the existing heat source.

Many heat pump suppliers claim the heat pump will supply the rated heating capacity even in lower ambient temperature. But that is not the case. It is not technically possible. One should be aware of this false claim and want you to make a smart decision in heat pump selection. In Aspiration Energy, our application engineers choose the heat pump considering all these factors with the utmost care and makes your heating system hassle-free.

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