Our human race is breaking the heads to eliminate the use of fossil fuels, reduce Co2 emissions with the goal of escaping global warming. In general, industries stand as the main reason for global warming. One efficient way to reduce global warming is by decarbonization of the industrial sector.

Decarbonization of the industrial sector! Is it really possible? Yes, it is. It is not alone possible to reduce Co2 emissions but you can also save a lot of energy in your industrial process. You may ask how? Here is the answer for you.

Research by a PhD candidate from Norway says that industries requiring combined heating and cooling process can reduce Co2 emission through integrated high-temperature heat pumps and thermal storage tanks. To understand this more practically let us look into this interesting example.

A dairy plant in Bergen, Norway installed heat pumps to eliminate the usage of fossil fuel boilers and electric heaters. The dairy plant required cooling and heating on a large scale. Before installing heat pumps the dairy plant used a refrigeration system for cooling which released a large amount of heat and used fossil fuel burners & electric heaters for heating. The waste heat accounted for one-third of the energy consumed by the plant.

After the installation of heat pumps, the dairy plant experienced surprising results. The energy consumption dropped by almost 40% per year and the Co2 emission was reduced by more than 90%.

By installing high-temperature heat pumps the dairy plant utilised the waste heat eliminated through a refrigeration system to meet their heating process. They have also reduced their fuel consumption and saved energy.

Do you also want to bring your energy bills down? Are you a responsible citizen who wants to care for the environment too? Here is a way for you to care for your industry and environment.

Aspiration Energy provides hyper-efficient heat pumps for industrial process heating. For industries that adapt to green energy initiatives, we offer heating solutions that provide long term predictable low-energy costs on a unique monthly performance-based energy payment. We avoid expensive and dirty fossil fuels by adopting proven technologies for both unutilized space and complex applications.