The United Kingdom which ranks 4th in Environmental Performance Index has passed a law to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050. It is focusing on installing 6,00,000 heat pumps in British homes every year by 2028. Less than 2,00,000 heat pumps are thought to be installed in the UK since 2000.
To meet the goal, heat pump technology needs a PR boost from climate-conscious home improvers and influencers. The government also encourages people who have heat pumps to share their experiences on social media and in online forums which could help to build demand for this technology. Their idea is that this would in turn force the industry to make heat pumps as a standard choice for heating installations in homes and Industries.
Most climate experts believe heat pumps will become the dominant source of home heating under the Government’s plan for net-zero emissions. However, at the moment, there is little incentive for households to take the plunge. Heat pumps are still significantly more expensive than gas boilers to install in the UK, and utility companies, architects, builders, and heating installers do little to promote their use.
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