While drying being the most energy-intensive unit operation, our heat pump dryers are becoming a major choice. With good energy delivery to consumption ratio, our heat pump dryers come to the rescue of saving you from high energy bills.

Conventional drying being an irreplaceable process over the years poses challenges to the environment as well as to the manpower.  Heat pump dryers operates at an absolute humidity less than that of environment and also maintains a drying temperature less/higher than that of the environment temperature thus making it more environment friendly. Do you want to install our super-efficient heat pump dryers?


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Our Products & Services

  • Heat Pump

  • HT- Heat Pump

  • Heat Pump Dryer

  • Solar Dryer

  • Waste Heat Recovery System


Large Scale Capacity

Suitable for large batch volume of food dehydration and industrial drying applications.

HMI Control Panel

Monitors the chamber temperature and humidity along with the heat pump parameters.

Scalable and Retrofittable

Retrofitting with existing process is simple and easy and can scale as per future requirements.

Wide Temperature Range

Minimum of 60°C and maximum of 100°C can be achieved inside the chamber.

Wide Drying Range

The ability to dry different raw materials with different drying curve. Drying temperature based on drying curve can be preset for different raw materials.


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Aspiration Energy is an innovative industrial heating solutions company providing sustainable solutions using Rooftop Solar Thermal Systems, Solar dryers, Waste heat recovery systems and High Temperature Heat Pumps. For industries that adapt to green energy initiatives, we offer heating solutions that provide long term predictable low-energy costs on a unique monthly performance-based energy payment. We avoid expensive and dirty fossil fuels by adopting proven technologies for both unutilized space and complex applications.

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