Waste Heat Recovery

Industrial waste heat is the energy generated in
industrial processes and are not put into any practical
use and is lost, wasted, and dumped into the
environment. The strategy of how to recover this heat
depends in part on the temperature of the waste heat
gases or heating oil and the economics involved.

We use systems of state-of-the-art platform that makes powerful energy-saving decisions. Our WHR has a compact and highly efficient tube in the tube heat exchanger and not bulky, less efficient shell & tube or plate heat exchangers. Do you want to install our super-efficient WHR?


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  • Recovery of waste heat has a direct effect on the efficiency of the process.

  • Reduction in equipment sizes

  • Reduction in auxiliary energy consumption.

  • Reduction in pollution.



Flue Gas Heat recovery

Recoverable Heat 70 – 90%

Temperature ranges from 150°C – 1100°C

Compressor Heat Recovery

Recoverable Heat 76%

Hot Water up to 85°C at utilization point

Chiller Heat Recovery

Recoverable Heat 40 – 45%

Hot Water up to 60°C at utilization point


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Aspiration Energy is an innovative industrial heating solutions company providing sustainable solutions using Rooftop Solar Thermal Systems, Solar dryers, Waste heat recovery systems and High Temperature Heat Pumps. For industries that adapt to green energy initiatives, we offer heating solutions that provide long term predictable low-energy costs on a unique monthly performance-based energy payment. We avoid expensive and dirty fossil fuels by adopting proven technologies for both unutilized space and complex applications.

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