Nowadays technology is developing at the speed of a super-fast jet. The automobile industry is no exception to this. Electric vehicles are being adopted by people at a fast pace as concern towards the environment. But there are few challenges that electric vehicles face during winter. Electric vehicles find it difficult to keep their cabins warm during winter. With the help of heat pumps, we can overcome this distressing problem.

heat pump in electric cars

What is a heat pump?

Basically, a heat pump is a device that uses minimum energy to carry the heat from one place to another. Heat pumps can be used in the process of heating as well as cooling.

How does a heat pump in electric cars during winter?

During winter the cabin gets cold easily and passengers feel uncomfortable to sit. The heat pump extracts the excessive heat liberated from the other parts of the car and uses it for heating the cabin. Here the electric vehicle need not use its battery to generate power in the resistive heater to heat the cabin. A heat pump usually produces 3kW of thermal energy for every 1kW of electric energy. Hence it is 300% efficient. Let’s look into an interesting example.

Innovative technology that makes heating elements more compact, light, & cheap

Are you aware of innovative technology for integrating electronics that makes these heating elements more compact, light, and cheap? And what if I say even the cruising ranges can even be extended by up to 20% and even more in freezing temperatures?

Are you excited to know the advanced innovative technology that makes all these happen? MAHALE has come up with a new generation of high voltage PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heating elements, to help electric vehicles run efficiently during winter. Electric heaters are one of the unbeatable heat sources when it comes to long period heating of cabins in electric vehicles.

Keeping this in mind, MAHALE has come up with the idea of using an intelligent system of hardware and software instead of temperature sensors. Wondering how they managed without temperature sensors? Their new intelligent system integrates all the heating functions, continuously analyse the electrical resistance of the PTC elements in the heater and adjust the temperature accordingly. PTC heaters are used worldwide and heat pumps have become the greatest eco-friendly problem-solvers especially for industrial needs.

What about the hot summers?

You may have this question popping up in your mind regarding the hot summers. We know that heat pumps are used for both heating and cooling purposes. At this point, the heat pump absorbs the excess heat from the cabin and liberates it into the atmosphere through an external capacitor acting as both a heating and cooling system.

Do you want any of your problems to be solved by heat pumps? Thinking of installing a suitable heat pump according to your business need?
Aspiration Energy provides hyper-efficient heat pumps for industrial process heating. For industries that are inclined towards green energy initiatives, we offer heating solutions that provide long term predictable low-energy costs on a unique monthly performance-based energy payment. We avoid expensive and dirty fossil fuels by adopting advanced eco-friendly technologies for both unutilized space and complex applications.

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