Why are boilers used for industrial heat processes?


Electricity as an energy source for the wide ranges of industrial processes was scarce in the past, with electricity boards unable to cater to the existing demand.

Fossil fuels, being cheaper and also more easily available than electricity, were able to do the job.


Times have changed since – electricity has become more abundant and economies are moving towards electrification of industrial processes. Heat pumps which work on the principle of heat transfer, are able to produce temperatures as high as 95 deg C. They have been known to run hyper-efficiently with a coefficient of performance reaching up to 3. This means that every unit of electricity input gives three units of heat output.


Is it time to rethink?

Can we avoid boilers for processes below 100 degrees C? Can we depend on heat pumps as a primary source of energy?

Can we depend on heat pumps as a primary source of energy?


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