Aspiration Energy in association with Hosur Industries association conducted a One day workshop in Industrial Heating at  Hosur on May 9, 2018. Professionals from various organisations in industries such as Automotive, Pharma, Hotels, Electronics and more participated in the event, eager to know more about industrial heating.

The objective of the event was as follows:

  • • To understand about energy efficient and sustainable heating methods – through Heat Pumps and Industrial Solar Heaters.
  • • Showcase real-time working, applications and benefits of these systems through site visits.
  • • To understand the key factors (economic, environmental and social) that help in making an ideal energy choice.
  • • To explore the various innovative financing options in the Cleantech Industry.

The event was underway at 10 AM on a breezy morning in the Hosur Industries Association hall located on the Hosur- Bangalore highway. The inaugural address was given by Mr Bhoovarahan Thirumalai, CEO, Aspiration Energy followed by the training session, headed by Mr Balamurali, Engineering Department at Aspiration Energy. Active participation from the participants and, networking thereafter,  made the event lively and interesting – discussions on energy saving, integration, payback, and technology in general featured throughout the event.


Post lunch, the afternoon session featured a site visit to Harita Seating Systems Limited, the participants were shown a live demo of the Heat Pump in the plant. The participants were able to see first hand the savings that were possible from the Heat Pump. Mr Suresh, Plant Maintenance, Harita Seating System Limited and Project Engineers from Aspiration Energy were present to explain the working of the system to the participants.


In the end, the outcome of the event was true to what we had envisioned, and some more at that – networking among the participants with discussions on energy saving initiatives and a complete learning experience


The presentation from the event is below:


The topics covered were:
  • • Introduction to Heat Pumps
  • • Active and Passive Solar Classification
  • • Industries that use Sustainable Heating Methods
  • • Heat Pumps – Basic Principle and working
  • • Application of Heat Pumps
  • • Maintenance
  • • Size of Pipes
  • • Case Studies