igmtp_collageI have made it a point to be in a class room for 30 days every year. During my Kellogg MBA days, I was spending 60+ days a year in classroom, with hectic travel, full time work and family. I believe that classroom rekindles the humility, make me rethink question and reconfirm many of my personal and professional values and change some of them.

Classroom learning compels you to listen. And focuses your mind to a large extent to what is taught.  Learning can happen in a dance class as much as in design thinking class as much as in leadership class.

Process of learning is to learn through different means. Some are auditory, some visual and some experiential learning. We discover how we learn in a classroom.

This year, before being selected for the above program, I has already spent 15+ days in classroom including some Coursera classes. So, 2014 was a record year of learning – when I ended up spending 28 days in Germany in addition to the other classes!

Time away from work for so long? Not really – this is the year when I have spent more than 60 hours a week on Aspiration Energy and Telesolar. This is the year where most of my classroom was relevant to the work that I do.

Feeling good and roaring with positive energy!