On June 23rd, Aspiration Energy, hosted a webinar on Funding options for, “Solar Thermal Systems for Industrial Heating”

A pioneer in the “Renewable Energy Services Company (RESCO)” model for solar industrial heating in India. Supported by its partners – Tata Cleantech Capital, OPC leasing and other investments consultants such as Barclays bank, AEPL has come up with a few funding models.

Our funding models comprises of:

  1. Outright Purchase
  2. PAYS – Customer Owns
  3. PAYS – TPO
  4. Lease Finance

The advantage of these models is that they can be flexibly customized to suit the customer requirement in terms of payment tenure, down payment, risk / reward sharing, depreciation / tax benefit, operation & maintenance etc.

S.Gopthree ACA Principal Consultant, Capita Consultants spoke on FUNDING MODEL – Debt + Equity Full Investment

M C Karthikeyan Assistant VP – Tata Cleantech Capital spoke on FUNDING MODEL – PAYS- CO

V Balakrishnan Senior VP – OPC Asset Solutions spoke on FUNDING MODEL – Lease Finance

Bhoovarahan Thirumalai CEO, Aspiration Energy Pvt. Ltd spoke on FUNDING MODEL – TPO

Under each funding model these topics were covered.

  1. Who Does It Suit?
  2. Ownership – Depreciation and Tax Benefit
  3. Performance Risk and Reward
  4. Monthly fee payable
  5. Down Payment / Security Deposit
  6. Payback period comparison and sample project values

The webinar came to an end, when Bhoo apprised on all financial models and the advantages on each model.  Questions posed by the participants where addressed by the speakers.  Promising to come up with another interesting webinar topic, the webinar came to an end.