“The numbers might still appear small, but then Aspiration Energy is into the ‘other solar’. These days, when people talk solar, they talk of PV and electricity, but there is another sleeping giant that has been practically forgotten — solar heating. Solar water heaters have been around for some time now, but tapping into the sun for providing heating to industrial process, seems to be, by empirical data, on the cusp of taking off.”


“So, what triggered the trend? Industry sources point to a bouquet of answers, the most significant of them being an increased in awareness. It takes one or two success stories to set a precedent. Then the ‘herd mentality’ takes over and everybody else rushes in.”


Solar Thermal technology systems are making a mark in the sustainable energy sector after staying in the shadow of Solar Photovoltaic systems, and industries have now started to realise its potential.

Aspiration Energy has been and still is at the forefront of this realisation with this featured article being testament to this.


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