Aspiration Energy is a Leader
in Sustainable Heating solutions


Prominent Sectors We Serve



Aspiration’s thermal solutions can benefit a range of auto companies – from small component manufacturers all the way to large OEMs

Food & Dairy

Our solar thermal and heat pump solutions are a great fit to process industries with significant heating expenses.

Hotels and Resorts

Our sustainable heating solutions can play a significant role in the Hotels and Resorts industry’s aspirations to go green and cutting energy costs simultaneously.

Solar Heating

Our solar thermal systems, designed with our unique, proprietary technology, is perhaps the only such system in the country that can provide hot water upto 80 deg C

Heat Pump

Our world class heat pump solutions deliver sustainable and reliable heat energy 24 hours a day, with very attractive payback periods.

Our Sustainable Heating Solutions find applications across several manufacturing industries for industrial processes that require a temperature range 40-120°C

What sets Aspiration apart from the rest?

Wider Range of Applications

Our solar thermal and heat pump solutions provide much higher temperatures than solutions from conventional vendors (up to 100 deg C) making them suitable for a wider range of applications

World-class & Industry Strength

With top tier clients from diverse industries already relying on Aspiration Energy, you can be assured of world-class, industry strength solutions for your mission critical applications

Engineering Skills

Our team’s ability to manage complex engineering integration projects ensures smooth integration of our sustainable thermal solutions with your existing infrastructure