Flexible and worry-free solar financing options

With the cost of fossil fuel fluctuating constantly, lock your energy rates with our innovative financial options.

Proven track record, excellent customer satisfaction and state-of-the-art solar plants

  • Founding team have created multiple businesses including a fast growing profitable IT company
  • Successful installation of complex large scale industrial solar plants on trussed rooftops
  • Established leader in the industry through awards and recognitions from MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy), UNDP, WWF, CIIE, Sustainability Outlook and other National and International conventions on Renewable Energy.
  • World-class partners for strategic technology innovation and project execution

Pioneering technology for Industries and Commercial sectors

01. ETC Technology for Manufacturing Industries

Solar thermal is an unexplored area among manufacturing industries across the globe. Our advanced technology innovations in the areas of fluid pressure, system design and module design enables a domestic Evacuated Tube Collector solution to replace fossil fuels in industrial production processes that require temperature less than 120oC.

02. SolarMaxTM Principle

Our design of solar solution is based on an unconventional model called SolarMaxTM and Hybri-heatTM design. With these guidelines, we design solar plants that utilize maximum solar energy and retrofits with existing heat source ensuring no downtime in production process.

03. Rooftop Solar Systems

Our solar collectors are fitted in trussed factory rooftops, the space that is otherwise unused and wasted.  Solar heating systems like Scheffler or Fresnel cannot be fitted to factory rooftops, requiring concrete roofs or ground space.

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