Industrial process heating operations account for approximately 70% of manufacturing sector’s process energy demands. Sadly, anywhere from 15% to 85% of the energy supplied for industrial process heating is only actually used for heating and the rest is often lost i.e. to exhaust streams such as flue gases. With the continuous rise in energy costs, industrial plants constantly explore for effective ways to manage energy and also to reduce the energy used for process heating. We offer a variety of Energy Efficiency technologies that prevent energy wastage and bring about clean green plants through reduction in carbon emission.

OPTI-LOADTM – Thermal Batteries for Improved Energy Efficiency

Boilers are typically the conventional heat source for industrial operations. Boilers are capital intensive and are often bought considering the start-up and rare spike loads. This makes the system over-designed for regular usage. Hence, the under-utilization of boiler leads to excess fuel consumption and wastage. Our Opti-loadTM solution improves your boiler’s load performance using an optimized in-line and on demand storage solution.

This allows you to
a. run your boiler at higher loads and better efficiency
b. smoothens out any load fluctuations on your boiler

ThermaGenTM – Slash 80% cost on Process Heating

These are heat pump systems that offer an unparalleled cost of heat delivered from your grid electricity. Installed in-line with your heating circuit these systems are 400% energy efficient. This energy efficient technology simply transfers heat from one location to another, instead of burning fuel to create heat.

Other Advantages:
a. comes on-line within minutes, to cater to any peak demand fluctuation
b. complements solar-thermal for extended hours of operation
c. allows handling additional loads, without having to go for boiler expansion